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BHA have referred us to their website, which has the following financial information
and RO data

Re investment/funding for Microhydro. Contacts are being established with the Co-op Bank and Climate Change Capital, [comment by webmaster] more information later, but if anyone has an urgent requirement here would they please contact me.

Other useful sites

Steve Williams, Impetus [small loans possible]
141 Church Street Malvern WR14 2AN
01684 893883 077477 50482   Energy Purchaser

The Co-Operative Group are financing microhydro see here  This is being investigated

Closed Consultation: Consultation on Renewable Electricity Financial Incentives file download available with details.
the Microgeneration certification Scheme

Useful Financial & Legal data from Canada
In support of RETScreen’s goal of reducing the transaction costs associated with implementing clean energy projects, we are pleased to introduce the RETScreen Clean Energy Legal Toolkit.

The Toolkit can be accessed via the RETScreen Website at:
Within this portal you can link to:
- Sample legal documents freely available from various organizations
- Newly created Finance Agreements for clean energy projects
- e-Textbook Chapter & Training Slides on the Legal Aspects of Clean Energy Projects
- Energy + Environment Foundation Legal Documentation Forum
This Toolkit is also incorporated within the RETScreen Software User Manual available free-of-charge at
There are now more than 193,000 RETScreen users in 222 countries, where the software has been directly responsible for over $4 billion in user savings to-date.
For registration and documents download see:-

Other useful contacts
It is considered unwise to list Banks on the website as this may contravene rules on advertising Financial Services
However the following is published "on the net"
This gives the websites for the following:-
Investment Funds
Merrill Lynch New Energy Technology Fund
Norwich Union Sustainable Future Funds
Henderson Industries of the Future Fund
Foresight Sustainable Development Funds

It should be remembered that Hydropower is a Long Term investment. Some probably Roman engineering works like leets are still usable, as are a number of later constructions. So the effect of cost inflation on the price of non hydro energy should always be considered in assessing Project Financial aspects.
Potential investors are invited to get in touch with Herehydro via a contact form

susteng.xls is a small program for assessing the financial viability of Sustainable Energy projects for concerns subject to profits tax, allowances for inflation included. This should be read in conjunction with

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