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Useful links

Registered Microhydrosites in UK

microhydro business directory at

A page of microhydropower links

Angelfire – glossary of waterwheel terms

UK Mills  [Reciprocal link] Steve Welsh,  Water Power Enterprises (h2oPE) [reciprocal link]
tel. 07964 106037 01706 813663

Very detailed site on all manner of Turbine technologies,

BHA guide to Mini Hydro several useful downloads

Turbine etc manufacturers.
A very interesting site, with a lot of data. Also has links to other Sustainable Technologies

Devon Education Services

Wikipedia - waterwheel


European Small Hydro Association

Some old Herefordshire mills

Wikipedia article on Microhydro

British Hydropower Association
       Hydro installations of < 25 kW

Various water turbines as shown on Google
Useful diagrams of turbine performance
variety of low head turbines
variety of high head turbines
Variety of in stream/submersible turbines
Useful article on small scale hydropower with diagram

University of Southampton - Sustainable Energy Research Group

National Rivers Authority gauged rivers – flow duration curves

Low carbon buildings programme

Non-fossil Fuel Purchasing Agency

Environment Agency – Cardiff area   Midlands Region

Brecon Beacons National Park

Herefordshire Council - Environment and Planning
                                      - Forward planning document (pdf)
                                        - Statement of Community Involvement (pdf)

Meterological office historical weather, includes Ross-on-Wye and ca 50 stations in UK

Weatheronline historic weather – Hereford, ca 200 sites in UK

The Hendre historic weather – near Monmouth

Bredwardine and Brobury historic weather (near Hay-on-Wye)  lots of good contacts [Reciprocal link]

Renewable Energy UK


Ron Shannon – info on waterwheels and turbines

French River Land – a wealth of information

doradovista Hydropower calculations data

USA site with general information on Hydropower

Companies who design supply install waterwheels

Pedley wheel

Pico Energy (Hydrowatt)


Waterwheel factory

Low speed electical generators/motors

Companies who design, supply install turbines

Energy System and design


Osseberger turbine manufacture

Valley Hydro

Walsh River micro-hydro system – designed for small domestic use

Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon tel 01 539 720028 The Rolls Royce of Hydropower do small water motors

Green & Carter (Ram Pumps)

Mackellar Engineering

Newmills Hydro [N.Ireland] Joe Hartvigsen sells the Turgo Spoons up to about 80 -100 KW  The contact there is Sandro Fattore

Archimedes Screw
wikipedia'_screw Project in Derbyshire funded by the Co-op [Reciprocal link] See Blog

Western Renewable Energy


Company that design supply install screws
Mann Power Consulting

Waterwheel Design - General

 Poncelet waterwheel
'A Design Manual for Water Wheels', by William G. Ovens, 1st Edn., 3rd Reprint, 1989, 77pp. Volunteers in Technical Assistance. Takes you through the theory of how to design a water wheel, with details of a reciprocating pump which is suitable for being driven by a water wheel.

Fitz steel

Power in the Landscape


University of Southampton

'Water-Power. An Outline of the Development and Application of the Energy of Flowing Water', by Joseph P. Frizell, 1st Edition, 1901.

'A Text-Book of Mechanical Engineering', by the late Wilfred J. Lineham, 11th Edition, Revised, 1922.

‘Hydraulics for Engineers and Engineering Students', by Frederick Charles Lea, 5th Edition, 1930.

Overshot waterwheel

Volunteers in Technical Assistance

'Hydraulics for Engineers and Engineering Students', by Frederick Charles Lea, 5th Edition, 1930.

Overshot Water Wheel - A Design And Construction Manual

Undershot waterwheel
Build it Solar

Ponceletovo water wheel

The Flipwing water wheel see

Turbines in general

Crossflow turbine

Volunteers in Technical Assistance


C A Merryfield and F Mockfield "The Banki water turbine"

US Bureau of Reclamation

Crossflow turbine abstracts
Using a pump as a turbine

Siphon propeller
Original research by IT power, Derwent hydro, GP Electronics
Derwent Hydro
There are two new photos with views of a runner made with low quality aluminum castings.
A new technology from Switzerland

USA slide show and three videos at :

Overseas Hydropower Suppliers
Platypus Power  Turbines for river & tidal flow

SBA hydro.

Dependable Turbines Ltd.
Thomson and Howe Energy Systems Inc.  [hydro controllers only]
Powerbase Energy Systems
Energy Systems & Design Ltd.
Alternative Hydro Solutions Ltd.  [Darrieus turbine]

Czech Republick
CINK Hydro

Finland  hydropower generators

Jacques Chaurette's Light My Pump site
Cismac Electronique - Hydropower®

RITZ - ATRO Pumpwerksbau GmbH


SmS Technology

UCM Resita
LP Electric

Cargo Kraft (Peter Ruyter)

Entec  crossflow turbines
Maurelma  Electromachinen [probably just a supplier]

New Zealand
Fastec Ltd  [hydro controllers only]

Windsor Machinery
Hi Power Hydro, California
Canyon Hydro
Hydro Turbines


Cihanjuang Inti Teknik


Ram Pumps
Theseare driven by the flow of water in  a river or stream, and can deliver water over a mile or so. Very useful for pumping up to a head tank, erected either on a structure, or on the side of a hill, where there is a stream at the bottom.  This URL on them is from a BBC programme

Tidal Power Device

 Electronic Controllers
Company in India