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RETScreen 4 Software

This is some of the best Project Analysis software about, there is a Hydropower section 

RETScreen 4 Software Updated

An updated version of the RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software was released on May 26, 2009. The improvements include:

- 5 new languages added (Serbian, Swahili, Ukrainian, Urdu & Vietnamese), to 35 total
- GHG emission factors updated based on more recent national info from UNFCCC, etc.
- solar air heating (SAH) model upgraded, including improved energy algorithms, and the inclusion of unglazed (back-pass) and glazed collectors
- wind energy model (Method 3) upgraded to allow monthly energy production adjustment based on monthly values for temperature and atmospheric pressure
- global wind energy map (5 km resolution) from 3TIER directly linked within software
- Clean Energy Legal Toolkit integrated into manual and website
- Combined Heat & Power (Cogeneration) e-textbook chapter & training slides published
- Legal Aspects of Clean Energy Projects e-textbook chapter & training slides published
- project templates added for various power, heating and cooling applications
- training course material added for power, heating and cooling applications
- product data added for new product lines and for additional manufacturers
- RETScreen Toolbar incorporated into Excel 2007
- bug fixes for a number of minor items in the software
- extensive database of clean energy figures and photos added to manual & website
- manual & website upgrades with a significant amount of new content added

There are now more than 200,000 RETScreen users in 222 countries, where the software has been directly responsible for over $4 billion in user savings to-date.

Click here to download RETScreen 4 (44 MB).