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What is the definition of farming? From

Fish Farming is 'the keeping of live fish with a view to their sale or transfer to other waters'. Only enterprises where the primary purpose is the sale or transfer of fish are regarded as carrying on the business of fish farming.
Eel fisheries. Are under the control of the Environment Agency as are all inland fisheries. If you wish to capture wild eels then you will need permission from the Agency prior to fishing and the engine/net you use may need licensing and in the case of fyke nets will need to be tagged.

If you are able to look at our website  you will find details of the consents required for removing fish including eels and the Environment Agencies own website will contain information including contact information. You will also need to be aware that there is a European wide initiative on eel conservation following the recent decline in eel populations throughout Europe.

It is possible that we would not regard your operation [incidental fishing in head/mill ponds]  as fish farming and if you are simply cropping off an existing stock it is unlikely that you would need to be an authorised fish farm. You would however fall under the definition of an aquatic holding and would therefore need to register under the Aquatic Animal Health Regulations. As previously stated you would also need to operate in line with the Environment Agency laws and as to establishing a stock within a mill pond that is part of the river system this could be problematic. You would require screening to retain the your stock and there are specific laws regarding the free passage of fish through a river system and you will need to investigate this further with the Agency.

contact for inland fishing matters they are based in Leominster in the Group area.

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